The center of Reagan’s dystopia is ThotBot, a brain implant that algorithmically applies points -- called Value -- to one’s thoughts. Value accrues until one chooses to Redeem. A Beneficiary may also be selected to receive one’s Redemption. Visit the ThotBot Implantation Center website for everything you (n)ever wanted to know about ThotBot.



The concept of ThotBot is typically the first exposure to the project and an important and immersive experience for the audience. It’s presented to unsuspecting participants by way of posters appearing in the physical world demanding “IS YOUR THOTBOT GLITCHED? Protect your Value. Take the test.”



Participants curious enough to pull off a URL tab and proceed to the Glitch Test are asked a series of questions to determine if they are, in fact, glitched. After the test, they are invited to investigate the site and learn more about ThotBot. The flyers and the site are designed as in-universe, blurring the line between reality and fiction. It proved to be a very effective guerilla marketing tool with more than 5,000 hits over the 6-8 weeks leading up to the June 2019 performances of the one-woman show. Several audience members with whom I spoke after the shows indicated that they learned about the show through this campaign. (Even some reported they thought the posters were linked to a cult. Ha. A cult of one, maybe.) In the future, a larger network of in-universe websites will be hyperlinked from this one, including a Tranquility™ drug information website, a page for Crazy Ed’s Redemption Centers, and more.

5000+ hits during first two months live

5000+ hits during first two months live



Currently in the works for January 2020 is an interactive immersive installation designed as a natural progression in the ThotBot experience: a ThotBot Implantation Center featuring brochures/propaganda, video, audio, neon, a public computer terminal for taking the Glitch Test, intake forms, files to be perused, etc. Following an exploration of the waiting room, visitors will enjoy an a/v concert featuring the soundtrack to the show.