The centerpiece of this post-apocalyptic narrative is the feature-length multimedia stage show that uses live music, video, and theater to tell the story of Reagan Esther Myer. It’s not your typical glitched out one-woman dystopian extravaganza full of beautiful electro-pop music, VHS-fueled video spectacle, and terrors born of our social and political zeitgeist. It’s as if Black Mirror made a musical episode but on stage with a choir of mannequins singing back-up. Never forget: when life is a state of mind, it’s the ThotBot that counts!


Reagan Esther Myer’s family died on Impact, so after The ULTRA took power and launched the ThotBot program, she was one of the first to get the new brain device implanted in order to start accruing Value towards Redemption while enjoying the calming effects of Tranquility™. Ever since Implantation, Reagan has proudly served The ULTRA from her deserted shopping mall, where she creates DIY survivalist tutorial videos for broadcast on The FEED. When she absentmindedly hums a little jingle in one of her videos, her carefully-guarded secrets become threatened as The ULTRA begins to suspect her of being glitched. Sad! Meanwhile, a woman claiming to be Reagan’s sister shows up on the scene asking for help. Is this stranger just a hacker preying on Reagan’s glitch, angling to score the post-apocalyptic celebrity’s Redemption? Or could she be Reagan’s ticket out of solitude? Or something else altogether?


Michael Dewberry is a multidisciplinary artist and toolmaker. Michael’s audiovisual practice combines a variety of hand and computer-assisted fabrication techniques with interactive mechanisms ranging from fire, pneumatics, and servomotors to analog video, digital microcode, dome projection, cloud networks, and virtual reality, all in the service of creating an immersive sculptural or theatrical experience. Michael has worked on or off-stage for Theatre@First, the Post-Meridian Radio Players, and the MIT and Wellesley theater departments. Off-stage roles include sound design, set design, scoring, foley, and prop fabrication; on-stage highlights include Roy in James McClure’s Lone Star, multiple Shatners, and thereminist for several productions including War of the Worlds and Love’s Labour’s Lost (In Space.) His installation work has appeared in shows in Arlington, MA and Somerville, MA, the Illuminus festival in Boston, the Burning Man festival in Nevada and associated regional events in Vermont and Connecticut, and the Jimmy Kimmel Live show in Los Angeles. Michael has a solo sculpture currently installed at the Nave Gallery in Somerville and a collaboration with Blake Courter and Blake Courtney installed at HarborArts in East Boston. Michael is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and works out of Artisan’s Asylum in Somerville and his studio in neighboring Medford.


"This was mindblowing!! Thank you for sharing it. I have to say it left me wanting more, more, more from this amazing world!"

" just set a new standard for the one-woman-show...."

"So creative, gorgeous, exciting, heartbreaking."

"Make America Rewind Again with this cassettepunk 80s dystopian multimedia experience."