I use music, video, and theatrical performance to tell multimedia narratives. Iā€™m obsessed with the perception of and the ephemeral nature of reality, and how we manufacture that reality through a combination of internal (biological) and external (social) forces, namely: memory, behavior, experience, choice, habit, social zeitgeist, politics, media, education, race, class, etc. My stories inherently explore this idea. Research is a cornerstone of my creative process and I often find myself deep in the fields of cognitive neuroscience, quantum physics, social psychology, and more. My compositional methods (music, video, design, etc) are a combination of sampling and mash-up culture juxtaposed with original material. Though my training is in classical vocal performance, I am also an experienced filmmaker. I use these skills in my work, along with graphic and web design, electronic music composition, playwriting, a/v installation, and more.